What to Expect

I have been working as a professional photographer for over a decade. Photography has taught me to slow down and pay attention to the details. I believe that so much more of our story is told in a twinkle of an eye, the corners of a smile, and the glance at a loved one. For that reason, I like to avoid posed pictures and instead help my clients by capturing candid keepsakes. I absolutely love to get to know my clients through real interactions and listening to their stories. During my sessions, I play your favorite music and take time to make sure you and your loved ones feel comfortable. 

Standard Portrait Session Fee: $425
The session fee covers:

  • Planning the Session

  • Up to 2 Hours of Shoot Time

  • Post Production Work (professional retouching & editing)

  • 30+ High Resolution Digital Images.

After the session you will receive an email invitation to your dedicated online viewing gallery where you can view, share and download your digital images instantly. You'll also have the ability to order a variety of heirloom keepsakes which include Premium Quality Prints, Canvas Wraps, Metal Wall Art, Hand Crafted Albums, and Custom Greeting Cards.

As a photographer, I believe that the portraits and images I create are works of art and I absolutely love to share my art with the world. Just like most other artists, I sign each image I create with a digital signature that allows my photos to be identified long after I've taken them. I do give my clients the rights to print their art wherever they choose even if it's not with me. I take pride in locating and building relationships with high-quality printings services, but I understand that some clients prefer to use a printer they've found to work well for them. 

If you do choose to purchase your prints from me, the amount that you choose to invest is totally up to you and there is no minimum order.  I want you to choose items that you love and that work best for you and your home!