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Fairfield Photographer Earns Certification


Fairfield Photographer Earns Certification

Sheree Rayford of Sheree Rayford Creative Services joins prestigious group as a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)

Fairfield, CA, July 7th, 2022— Sheree Rayford, CPP of Sheree Rayford Creative Services in Fairfield, California has earned the Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation from Professional Photographers of America.

Rayford earned this designation after completing an intensive program that measures her artistic and technical competence. Professional Photographers of America currently recognizes fewer than 2,500 CPPs.

“This certification is important to me because it validates my hard work and dedication to my craft. This designation also communicates a standard of excellence that is integral to the growth and success of my career. Just as doctors and other professionals seek certification in their industries, I wanted to show my clients that I am qualified and determined to be the best photographer possible for them.”

Professional Photographers of American ( is the leading body for certifying imaging professionals. CPPs must complete a written examination, finish an image evaluation and adhere to a strict code of conduct. Certification must be renewed on a periodic basis, ensuring continued confidence in the professionalism of Certified Professional Photographers.

For more information on certification, visit Visit for booking information for Sheree Rayford, CPP.

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